Michelle's passion and skill for photography have developed with her over a life long love affair. She grew up with an affinity for not only the art of photography but for photographs of every kind. There has always been something about a moment captured in time that struck a chord in her heart. She loved sifting through her parents' old photo albums and, before long, was growing a collection of her own. Back when film was the way of the photograph, disposable cameras were the most accessible way for Michelle to get her hands on a camera. Without fail, every week at the grocery store, she was bugging mom for a new one and to get the last developed. Thankfully, by about her tenth birthday, Michelle finally got her hands on her first real camera. It wasn't fancy, but it wasn't disposable. She carried that thing everywhere. Eventually, in high school, she got to take the much-anticipated photography class and moved up to her very first SLR camera.


Michelle's journey led her down a path where photography didn't take precedence but remained in her back pocket as a beloved hobby. With her growing passion for creating in the kitchen and holistic living, combined with her nurturing nature, she took the opportunity to go back to school for Holistic Nutrition. Now a Certified Nutritional Practioner and Certified Yoga Teacher, she maintains a healthy balance of her three passions (four including her fur babies)!




Nowadays, Michelle has adopted much more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of pursuing her passion. Doubling as a Holistic Nutritionist, she is passionate about the health and wellness of both our great mother earth and all of her inhabitants. Michelle is dedicated to sustainable practices both in her business and personal life. A few ways Michelle McCowan Photography strives to reduce its footprint are; 

  • Upcycling old gear

  • Buying thrifted props

  • Refurbishing old pieces of wood for backdrops

  • Shooting food au naturel (so it gets eaten up by Michelle or shared with friends and family)

  • Using sustainable shipping and packing materials

  • Ensuring that the printing labs she partners with have their own sustainable practices in place and use only materials that have the lowest impact possible on the environment and her clients' health. 





Michelle grew up running the fields of thirty acres about an hour north of Toronto. Naturally, nature is one of her biggest muses, inspiring the artist in her to truly come alive. Michelle's images elegantly capture the stunning beauty of the natural world.

Food & Drink

When Michelle isn't behind the camera, chances are she's grooving in the kitchen while whipping together a nutritious treat. Michelle's healthy creations inspire her tantalizing and mouth-watering food and beverage images. She shoots all her food images au natural, only using real, edible food and ingredients.


Growing up, the bond Michelle shared with her childhood pooch was that of the strongest kind. They. Were. Inseparable. This sparked an interest in working with animals as she got older. Michelle worked as a dog walker for two years while she sharpened up her pet portrait skills, often using her daily walking buddies as her practice subjects and of course, her own poochies too! Nowadays, her partners in crime are a mixed mutt named Magnolia May and an orange tabby named Odie. With the deep understanding of how unique each fur baby truly is, Michelle specializes in lifestyle pet photography, candidly capturing the essence of their personalities at play or in a natural and comfortable setting. 

Products & Branding

Through Michelle's passion project, Nourish Me Wild, she has gained momentum and reach quite quickly due to her next-level photography and branding skills. She is a natural when it comes to coordinating colours, making products pop and capturing the true essence of a brand. She prefers to work with holistic, natural and wellness brands that are in alignment with her views, morals and lifestyle.